Thursday, August 31, 2006

nus freshmen recognition guide

1. Walk around in school wearing orientation t-shirt.
2. Walk around in school carrying orientation file.
3. Start waving for bus when it is still in front of the red light one junction away.
4. Press the bell when bus is just leaving the stop before OED. (the Sun Sports Club bus stop)
5. Start to shuffle to the exit door before the bus turns into NUS.
6. ______(fill in the blank)______

(do not take this seriously)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

not a lighter note

Some of the lecture notes for ME2 are really disappointing.

Take for example, ME2113 Mechanics of Materials I, every lecture the lecturer will show us the errata for the previous lecture. That means, for one whole week every week we have been believing in the wrong things. And when you look at the front cover of the notes, it has that legendary NUS logo there. I thought that old lion retired long time ago? Wow, so the lecturer didn't update his notes for x years already, or the module hasn't been taught for a long time?
hj was asking me in lecture something about the formula in the example. I told him don't bother, since the lecturer will be telling us it's an error next week. -_-"

ain't no doubleback girl

All I know about twang and chelle is that they are climbers (and they have Mad Rock) and they are in JC2. Now they are in the midst of preparing for exam (I hope...) and somehow thinking of them reminds me of myself the same time 4 years ago...

I remember I was supposed to prepare for exam. (prelim or A-level?) But somehow I wanted to climb so badly, yet I scared climbing in school would get scolding from teachers. So, during the study break (or remedial week?) I went to the then still existing SAFRA Bukit Merah rock gym to boulder. Then I remember I did rush back to school for lesson... Somehow nowadays I'm less willing to sacrifice for climbing.

Oh I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed of myself climbing with 2 girls, and I had crampons. Indoor ice climbing??? Eek.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

trial look

hi people! I'm thinking of doing a major maintenance for this blog next month and was wondering if I should change the look as well... this is what I've got...
(can click the image to enlarge)

Now, do you want the cool black one or the gay orange one(with NUS logo)? Comments comments comments!!

quote of the day

--School of Design and Environment photocopy shop lady.
(not said to me!)

(translate: you are forever my xiao di. ok lousy translation)

Monday, August 28, 2006

stim table

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids.
aka Steam Table.

below average quality paper.
size of an exercise book, even thinner.
less than 30 pages in total, inclusive of a few "note" blank pages.

  • Lecturer's price: S$3

  • nth hand's ancient NUS Co-op pricetag: S$4.90 (where n>1)

  • NUS Co-op's current price: S$7.90

  • Amazon.com's price: US$28.95

  • inflation.

    transparent people in the park

    Went to Botanic Gardens to listen to Singapore Chinese Ochestra's concert. Ended up when we reached Symphony Lake we heard western music and a banner that said "SSO in the park". Ermm, SSO(Singapore Symphony Orchestra) isn't quite the same as SCO... seems like the newspaper made a mistake again. Tsk.

    Anyway since we were already there, might as well sit back and enjoy the music. At least they catered for non-hardcore-classical-music-listeners like me, other than a few classical pieces they also played a medley of pieces by Beatles! (these few days there were lotsa musical coincidence for me. Eg, Saturday I was thinking of Eason's song, then ended up the radio played it, then yesterday I was really thinking of Yesterday then SSO played part of it too... maybe I should have thought of 4D numbers.)

    The grass patch around the stage was quite packed with picnic mats and people relaxing and enjoying the music. And then I saw lots of freaks who really thought they grew up eating glass (my brother said this) or their flesh was transparent. C'mon there were people behind you and you still stood right in front of them blocking their view? I saw another group even better, they set up beach chairs right in front of someone else's mat. On the contrary there was this Caucasian lady who pulled her daughter to one side and apologised to the group behind when her daughter just blocked their view for that split second.

    Why can't people be more thoughtful?

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    song of the day

    明年今日 by Eason Chan 陈奕迅

    No thanks, next year's today I don't want to be like this year's today...
    (明年今日: next year's today in Chinese)

    toxic pictures

    My happy meal. Big huh? No toys included.

    birthday boy busy drinking, Alex busy posing.

    Meder: Nicholl you look awesome(lonesome) tonight!

    Meder: why you poke my strawberry?
    Alex: have you heard of "flying elephant crosses the river?"

    Meder: what is CB?
    Chow: Charlie Bravo.
    Nicholl: ... (hears no evil)

    toxic birthday

    Yesterday was my birthday. Today I have less than half a life left.

    Had dinner with Alex, Nicholl and Meder at Ichiban Boshi at Esplanade. There seems to be a trend that the 4 of us climbers like to celebrate birthday at Japanese restaurants. I had a very big happy meal served on a very big tray =) 3 cups of sake.

    Then we went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar which was quite cosy. They served nothing except chocolate (minus the mineral water) No alcohol here.

    Next we went to this nice pub at Boat Quay called Actors. It's very cool cos there were customers jamming oldie songs. They even played birthday song for me =) 2 submarines and about 2 glasses of beer. This was where Nicholl wet my pants when she held my glass in front of me and drop the cup of vodka into the beer and it overflowed.

    I tell you those guys were all out to make me drunk. Next we went to Sahara. 2 graveyards, a few sips of Alex's white russian, and a few puff of shisha That's it, that's when Merlion shifted indoor and the water jet got half-digested food inside. Everything was fine until I had to hold my breath to pose for a photoshot with the shisha smoke, and I choked... then my stomach turned upside down... then I told Alex I needed plastic bag. Vomitted.

    I think they will kill me with alcohol poisoning before I even got drunk. Very funny, when we were leaving Sahara I said to the waiter "sorry leh, have to make you clean up" Went to Riverwalk's toilet to continue puking, and Alex seemed surprised that I took the toilet paper to clean the toilet seat... surprisingly sane, surprisingly conscious. And Alex sent me home by bus. (and I knew where to alight) Sorry to make him take cab home.

    Today... I only stopped puking at 12noon.

    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    solidcraps 2006

    **for mechanical engineers**
    What 3rd angle projection?
    Pang jio also need to measure angle meh?
    (pang jio: verb, hokkien dialect for urinate)

    experimental error

    One experiment was enough to spoil my honeymoon week 2.

    The experiment was on Flow and Energy Loss, in which we got to play around with sophisticated unclear reactors. The procedure itself was very straight forward, the main course was actually the questions that followed. First you had to fill up 3 data tables, over 200 boxes to fill in total. Next you had to plot 13 graphs. And as if that's not enough, they gave you 4 discussion questions, in which you have to research on the internet to find the answers. All within 24 hours.

    The most ridiculous thing is, we haven't learned all those stuffs. I flipped my notes, and found this part at the very end of my notes. Wow. So what is the purpose of having lab sessions when we are doing everything more-or-less-blindly? At least at secondary and college level the experiments were quite closely linked to the pace of the lessons, but from year 1 onwards things are quite crappy. You can be doing the experiment for stuff that they are going to teach half a semester later. (I can understand the logistic part, cos they don't need to prepare so many set-ups all at one time, and idling them the rest of the time, but still...)

    Many more weekly experiments to come...


    Song for whoever by The Beautiful South.

    One innocent year 2 engineering boy and four dunno-innocent-or-not year 1 business girls were caught redhanded at a quiet corner of NUS.

    Tsk, must find quieter spot to have lunch next time, thought Grinning Gecko quiet enough. Ended up the moment my lecture gang came out from Co-op and first thing they saw was me....

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    ear ring binder

    That day I was asking Alex, those office ladies when they run out of ring files or paper fasteners, do they use their gigantic ear rings to bind paper?

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